Monday, March 7, 2011

Been a little longer than I thought

Hey guys,
This is awkward.Real awkward.By now I think I've got about 2 long post ready to be posted but now I just got numb only the eyes intensely trying to drool over while I'm typing this.Wow if this blog is a room,it must've been the roaches' nest.My last post was in the early January and now it's in the early of March or in the American Idol year,from before it even started till they've already picked the top 13.See,how desperately long I've been in the idle mood when it comes to blogging.But sometimes I do think about vlogging,it seems impossible since I've been working now and coming home late at night,got tired and yes,I hopped into bed without even bothering to change it my PJ's. -.- I would try and see the outcome but not now though.Talking about American Idol.This very year seems to look more compatative,more hunks to drool on,more uniques voices and more heart-rending stories.One tht put me at awe was Chris Medina's story,yeah not just me,everyone everywhere.And you guys should check his new single 'What are words' dedicated specially to his fiancee who got into accident years ago.

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